All about our Little Circus kids range

We are beyond happy that all our lovely customers are as excited as we are about the launch of Little Soak&Sleep. We have worked so hard to bring you and your kids four beautiful ranges that we are so proud of. We believe the four ranges cater to both boys and girls whilst being perfect for 4-7 year olds and easily adaptable for those older or younger.  

So, roll up roll up and hear all about our final kid’s range…Little Circus. This one’s for the animal lovers, an elephant, tiger, bear, lion and giraffe bedding all in one range. Complete with bed linen, a blanket, tiger cushion, hanging giraffe storage and star night light, this Little Circus range welcomes even the cheekiest of monkeys to enjoy its delights.

Our Little Circus bedding can transport your children to a magical circus wonderland. The soft cotton sheets are covered with a range of friendly animals bursting with excitement to be cuddled up to. Vibrant red, yellow and blue colourways make up this beautifully illustrated bed linen. The best bit about it…these designs are completely unique to Soak&Sleep. When it’s time for these friendly animals to get their own beauty sleep, simply turn the duvet over and your kids can sleep amongst the stars. Blue and yellow stars flourish the reverse side of this bed linen, matching those which shine amongst the animals. This bed linen is a real treat, bound to put a smile on your little ones face at bedtime.

The big top blanket in this range is a real show stopper. Bold red and white stripes run across the knitted cotton blanket finished with stylish, fun pom poms. This blanket is snuggly and warm, perfect to keep your little animal lover cosy on their sleepy circus tour.

Making this range truly come alive is our Little Circus Tiger Cushion. The sweetest tiger you will ever meet and by far the squishiest. This little tiger will love sitting on your child’s bed, keeping watch whilst they’re sound asleep. Made from soft velour and filled with springy hollowfibre, this tiger cushion is the perfect addition to our Little Circus range.

We all know our kids rooms can sometimes resemble a circus purely down to the mess, so Geoffrey the Giraffe is here to save the day. Geoffrey the Giraffe hanging storage contains four pockets with plenty of room to store away those bedroom essentials.

Completing the Little Circus look is our Star Night Light, a rounded lamp perfect for bedside tables. This light gives off a warm golden glow, filling the room with beautiful shining stars. A light which can let your children sleep under the stars without having to set up the tent in the garden.

We hope these blogs have helped shed some light on the details of these ranges and inspire you to shop the full looks or mix and match for a unique style. All the beautifully illustrated designs throughout each of the four ranges are unique to Soak&Sleep.


If you make any Little Soak&Sleep purchases be sure to post it on our social pages, tag us and most importantly enjoy!


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