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Spring is the season of new beginnings. The flowers start to bloom, the days get longer, the sun shines brighter and the world seems to be more alive. Spring is also the perfect season for that long-awaited house spring clean.

Get your hoover out, your rubber gloves on and stock up on your washing detergent, a spring clean means a day (or two) of total house cleaning. It’s time to refresh your rooms.

Start with clearing the clutter. It’s easy for items to pile up over time. We can all admit we sometimes have the mentality “I’ll put it there for now and tidy it away later” when in actual fact… it sits there for months. Or the dreaded bedroom chair which was intended to be a chair for sitting on but instead became an open aired wardrobe for worn clothes which aren’t quite ready for the wash.

Clear it all… don’t be afraid to let go of the hoarded clutter that remains. Strip your house back to its bare bones – a tidy house is a perfect start to a spring clean.

Next, it’s the deep clean. Once you’ve cleared the clutter (and can actually see your floors and surfaces) it’s time to give them a good clean. Not the half-hearted whizz around we’re all guilty of doing before our guests arrive, show your home a bit of cleaning passion. Clean inside the cupboards, under the sofas, take your items off your surfaces before you dust. Clean all the nooks and crannies.

Are you feeling cleansed yet? After the mass deep clean and ruthless clutter clearing, you and your house should be feeling refreshed. So this is where the famous “out with the old, in with the new” saying comes in. Having spring cleaned you should be ready for renewal.

If spring is about new beginnings, perhaps your bedding has had its fair share of trips through the washing machine and it’s time to upgrade. Here at Soak&Sleep we’ve made that experience a little easier. We’ve provided our Spring Refresh Deals to help you refresh your bed in style for the best price.

400 thread count Bed Linen

Let’s face it, you can never have too many bundles of fresh white cotton bedding. This bed linen spring deal is perfect for those who have busy households or multiple spare rooms. If the whole bedding set doesn’t interest you, perhaps buy the sheets? These white fitted sheets can sit happily hidden under any type of bed set, great for in between washes. Given that we’re now in spring, and summer is fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to stock up on your white flat sheets – a great alternative to duvet covers in the warm summer months. Our 400 thread count Bed Linen is fresh, cool and crisp. The strong fibres are durable, long lasting and are also super silky soft! A great Spring Deal!

Luxury 60% Duck Down Duvets

A duvet so irresistible, you may never leave your bed again. It’s snug and springy to make you feel as if you’re sleeping on a cloud. The 60% duck down makes this duvet beautifully soft and marshmallowy, while the feather content adds weight and bulk. The best part about it…is that It can be yours today for an extra special price in our Spring Deals.

Classic Hollowfibre Pillows These pillows are the perfect feather alternative for those who may prefer the feeling of synthetic fills or for those who have allergies. They are ideal if you sleep on your side or back. They’re even more perfect for those who are on a budget, as these pillows are great value for money with an even bigger price drop in our Spring Deals.

But remember, we reassure you that you’re always getting the very best quality for the very best price. With our price promise to prove it, we can confidently say if you find it cheaper, we’ll match it. So why stick to the deals only? Shop our full price award-winning products whatever your budget.

Cotton knotted throws

These throws are the perfect spring purchase. A lightweight throw that can be placed on the end of your bed without making your toes too toasty. They’re made from pure cotton and have a lovely texture completed with a finishing fringe border. Available in two natural tones, these are lovely to look at and to t for snuggling up in…a great buy for the unpredictable spring weather!

Hanging rail

Now you’ve completed your spring clean we’re sure you won’t want to ruin it! Our new Hanging Rail is the perfect way to keep your bedroom chair clear of that heap of clothes. These rails are a great addition to dressing rooms or can create that modern “on show wardrobe” style. With a handy bottom rack to store shoes or folded clothes, and a sturdy rail for hanging your finer garments.

Lighting Ranges

Lighting collection

Lighten up this spring with our New Lighting ranges, from handmade light shades to practical task lamps we’ve got all bases covered. To find out all about these ranges head to our recent blog post here:

We hope this blog has helped motivate a spring clean and has provided some great ideas of how  to refresh your homes. Please share your spring cleaning experiences, and let us know what you decide to freshen up your bedrooms with!


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