Top Tips to Survive the clocks going forwards for Adults and Children

This Sunday is daylight saving time, which when you put it like that, sounds completely positive, and for the most part, it is… longer days and lighter evenings, bliss! However, it’s more commonly known as “the clocks going forwards”, and this is where the problem lies… a whole hour less of sleep!!

Here at Soak&Sleep we never like to hear that our customers are losing sleep, we work hard to ensure you get the very best sleep, every night.

Yes, it may seem a little dramatic, adults can usually cope just fine with an hours difference if the right steps are followed, but for children, it may be a little tricker. So we’ve come up with our top tips on how to battle Sunday’s loss of valuable sleep, for both adults and children.

Luckily, our loss of sleep falls on a weekend. For those who don’t work on the weekend, it gives a bit of breathing space before the dreaded Monday morning work wake up call.

Tip 1: Begin a new sleep routine as early as possible.
Sometimes the hardest part about losing an hours sleep is that it comes as such a shock to the system. Always try and gently introduce an earlier bedtime and an earlier wake time a few days prior, giving your sleeping pattern some time to catch up. This means it won’t come as such a shock when you lose those precious 60 mins on Sunday morning.

Tip 2: Make sure your bed is comfortable.
Seems obvious right? But during daylight saving time it’s even more important than usual to make your bed comfy and snug. Be sure to wash your bedding in the lead up to Sunday, because there’s nothing quite like sleeping in fresh sheets. Or, perhaps splash out on some new comfy bed linen.

Losing an hour’s sleep may seem small for us adults, but can be quite disturbing for our little ones sleep. It’s important you implement some small changes to their sleeping pattern to ensure your children’s sleep isn’t affected.

Tip 1: Make Saturday a busy day.
Wear them out! If Saturday is a busy day they’ll (hopefully) be tired enough to sleep early. An earlier night can help make up for any lost sleep due to the clocks going back. 

Tip 2: Block out the Light.
The sun will begin to rise at what feels like an hour earlier than normal, so it’s important to ensure the light is blocked out of your children’s rooms to maximise sleep. Check out this amazing blog post showing how Lobster&Swan used our Soak&Sleep sheets as curtains.

Go wrap up in a cosy dressing gown and pamper yourself in preparation for that lack of sleep. Follow our quick top tips to help you survive, and be sure to share your tips and tricks for how you survive the time change.

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