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In anticipation of the Royal baby arrival, we thought it would be great to provide some style ideas using our Kids ranges. Will and Kate, the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their third child and from what we’ve heard their new baby is due imminently. This new little life will be welcomed into the family by siblings George, aged 4 and Charlotte, aged 2 in addition to the rest of the royal family including their Great Grandmother, the Queen.

A new arrival into any family will be showered with love, affection and the whole families undivided attention, but this Royal arrival will have the whole world in awe. It’s therefore hugely important that little George and Charlotte are made to feel as special as possible to avoid any new sibling jealousy!

What better way to make them feel special than the ultimate bedding makeover. Although we’re not naive to the fact that George and Charlotte most likely already have their dream bedrooms…our style ideas may help inspire others.

The first look is Prince George inspired, a bedroom design for little boys to let their imagination run wild in their dreams…our Little Circus bedding story. This beautifully illustrated range is one for the little animal lovers and welcomes even the cheekiest of monkeys to enjoy its delights.


Complete with our Little Circus Bed Linen, Big Top Blanket, Tiger Shaped Cushion, Giraffe Hanging Storage and Star Night Light.

This bedroom look can create a magical circus wonderland in any bedroom. The cutest 100% cotton sheets are filled with friendly, magical animals playing amongst the stars, waiting for sleepy heads to snuggle up to them at bedtime. The blanket adds a vibrant red colour to the room, complete with fun pom poms to add extra texture. Our tiger cushion is the kindest, cuddliest tiger in the land, and can’t wait for a bedtime pal. Our friendly Giraffe storage is the perfect tidying partner, to help your little ones keep their magical circus rooms as tidy as possible. A star night light creates a calm and sleepy nighttime experience after a fun day of exploring. Read all about the look here

The next look is for Princess Charlotte and alike, a bedroom inspiration for the little ones to enjoy… our Magical bedding story. This gorgeous range can add a touch of sparkle to your little one’s room, a great magical spell for the perfect night’s sleep.

Complete with our Magical Bed Linen, Magical Lurex Throw with Clouds, Magical Cloud Cushion, Knitted Storage with Lurex and our Cloud and Swan Light.

This bedroom look will make your little one feel like a true princess.  Everyone loves their beauty sleep, so make their bedrooms as beautiful as they are with this magical theme. The 100% cotton sheets help bring the magic to life with a royal castle, enchanted swan and of course, a fairy princess. Throw a hint of sparkle over the bed with our magical lurex throw with clouds. Our soft knitted cotton cloud cushion is perfectly plump for resting on your Magical set, making every bedtime feel like sleeping amongst the clouds. Even fairy princesses have to tidy up, so add a touch of sparkle to their storage with our knitted lurex storage baskets. Finish the room with a gorgeous glow using our swan and cloud light. Read all about how to mix up the look for a more Tween look here

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to choose and stick to just one theme, which is why we’ve made our ranges adaptable and easily interchangeable. Our Little Soak&Sleep range is a true mix and match style. Be sure to let us know how you style your Little Soak&Sleep products, we love seeing the new and creative mix and match design ideas!


Why not also bring some fun to bathtime with the help of our new Little Soak&Sleep character towels. Choose from our Duck or Dino towels to wrap your little ones in as they step out of a warm bubble bath. A cosy hood and cute features allow your kids to bring their towels to live as they cosy up to them.

So, hopefully, George and Charlotte are as excited as we are about their new younger brother or sisters arrival! And hopefully, this blog has sparked some excitement and inspiration to add a touch of Soak&Sleep to your little ones bedrooms.

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