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We launched a Sleep Survey on our site a little while ago and asked the Great British public to fill it out. The results are in! And have given us a wonderful insight to our customers unique sleep needs and some popular (and not-so popular) sleeping trends.

So, with our survey findings, we sat down with Lisa Artis, sleep guru at The Sleep Council, for some sleeping insights and top tips…



A huge thank you to Lisa Artis for her comments on our survey findings! She even gave a few extra tips to ensure you to get the best night’s sleep, every night.

  • Your sleep environment is very important – so make sure your bedroom is completely dark, quiet and at an ambient temperature.

  • Diet can also affect sleep. The best foods for sleep include milk, cherries, chicken and rice,while fatty meat, curry and alcohol are some of the worst. As well as not eating a full meal too near to bedtime, be careful of alcohol as it can disrupt the quality of your sleep, as can Nicotine.

  • When it comes to exercise, the most important thing is to feel fitter and healthier. If you are experiencing sleeping problems, try to exercise a little more or change the type of activities you do. But don’t overdo it. Contrary to popular belief, wearing yourself out physically is not likely to induce sleepiness.

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