Competition with Optiat | win 6 incredible prizes

We’ve teamed up with Optiat, a pioneering sustainable skincare brand who are shaking up the beauty industry using recycled coffee grounds. This competition will give one lucky winner the chance to receive the ultimate pamper kit including 3 amazing Optiat beauty products and 3 luxury Soak&Sleep products!


Optiat are an incredible brand who take quality coffee grounds and other by-products which would otherwise be discarded,  and use them as the core ingredients of their ethical skincare range. Their beauty range is handmade here in the UK, vegan and natural and they’re giving you the chance to win some of their amazing range:

Click here to enter: WIN

Soak&Sleep wanted to give the winner an extra special treat, adding to the prize:

We thought the best person to tell you about the incredible skincare brand was the Co-Founder Anna Brightman, so we sat down with her to talk all things Optiat…

What inspired you to create Optiat?
The initial idea came about when my brother (and co-founder of Optiat) William was bought a cafetiere and was making his own coffee every morning. He lived in central London with no garden and so didn’t have plants to put the grounds on (as many people do) so instead he was simply throwing them away. He got to thinking that if he alone was throwing away so many coffee grounds each morning, then, given the size of the coffee industry, on a wider scale there must be an awful lot of waste – and he was right! If we could create a product which could help to minimize this then that could only be a good thing!

We were also aware that people have been using coffee on their skin for many years around the world. However, no one seemed to be making coffee scrubs from used coffee grounds. All of this came in parallel to the huge rise in awareness of the devastating impact of microbeads on our environment. As we all look towards natural alternatives for our exfoliators, repurposed coffee seemed like a brilliant option.

From idea to concept in less than 3 months, we launched Optiat in April 2016 at the London Coffee Festival, selling out of our coffee scrub range! After the immediate success of our scrubs we decided to expand our range to create new products from different unloved ingredients and that was how Optiat was born.

Which is your favourite product and why?
My answer to this question tends to change, but at the moment my favourite product is our Nourishing hemp face mask. I use it every Sunday night and it really helps to refresh my skin before the week ahead. I try to curate a spa-like experience when I use it; lighting a few candles, even doing some meditation with the mask on. Not only does it brighten and clear my skin but I ensure that the whole experience of using the product is an opportunity to rest and clear my mind too!

We love that you reuse ingredients which would otherwise be waste – it must make you sleep well knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment. What’s next for the brand?
We certainly wouldn’t have started the brand without a key point of difference and a strong ethical standpoint, it is something we are proud of and will never compromise on. There is a huge amount going on for us at the moment and it is incredibly exciting. In the next couple of months we will be revealing a completely new look to the brand in conjunction with releasing new coffee scrub scents, our chai soap bars, a brand new face serum and a new lip balm. We have been busy bees at Optiat HQ and CANNOT WAIT to finally be able to share what we have been working on!

We LOVE the ethics and ideas of this brand, and can’t wait for one of you to get your hands on this amazing prize! The competition is only open until the 8th of July– enter quickly so you don’t miss out!

Anna kindly answered our sleep Q&A, letting you into her sleep secrets and how their products help to give her the best night’s sleep.

Early riser or night owl?

Early riser in the week, night owl on the weekends!

My morning ‘wake up’ essentials are…

a large dose of either our Lemongrass or Peppermint scrub in the shower. I can always rely on them to give me the boost I need to start my day off well.

My interiors style is influenced by…

simple Scandinavian style. Think neutral colours, lovely wood grains (mango wood is my favourite) and lots of plants and woven blankets for the winter.

My all-time favourite buy…

My sofa, it can easily fit 6 or 7 people and is virtually impossible to get up from. Utterly dreamy.

My bedroom style in 3 words…

The 3 C’s: Comfortable, calm and classic.

My must-have for the best night’s sleep is…

Indulge myself with our Nourishing hemp face mask, a nice cup of herbal tea as it dries. If I’m having a bath I reach for our “Hit The Sheets” Vanilla Velvet scrub, it fragrances the bath water so nicely and is so calming.

If I could sleep anywhere it would be?

In a hammock on a nice beach somewhere!


For your chance to win, head here…. WIN

Good luck to all the entrants!

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