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July brings us into holiday season, an exciting time for family travels, making memories and enjoying a well deserved break. Let us know where you’re going on holiday, and be sure to look out for our products used by our wholesale customers during your stay!

If it’s a hot family holiday you’re after you may not need to travel far…England has been blessed with some beautiful sunshine over the past few weeks! But as blissful and beautiful as it is, we are fully aware of the impact heat can have on our sleep (we promise we’re not ungrateful) and it’s important to adapt your sleep essentials accordingly. Keep an eye on our blog page for our top tips for summer sleeping and tricks for keeping cool during the night…natural products are the way forward!

It’s safe to say our July blog of the month winner was chosen with a mixture of exciting travels and nature in mind as this blogger provides content on her travel adventures, seasonal living and style passions – congratulations Littlegreenshed!

If you’ve not come across this beautiful blog before – you’ve been missing out and we may have just uncovered your new favorite blog (you’re welcome). Before we go into the reasons why we LOVE this blog, let’s hear from the lady behind the screen Lou Archell, and her sleep / style essentials….

Early riser or night owl?
Definitely a night owl.  I often find I become so energised around 4pm, that it’s the optimum time for me to work… and then I can go on forever!

My morning ‘wake up’ essentials are…
Good coffee!  Followed by a green smoothie.  I’m not very good in the morning, so depending on my energy levels I try to do some exercise, if not, I’ll check my emails and go from there.

My interiors style is influenced by…
Gosh, I’m influenced by so many things.  Hotels I’ve visited, even gallery spaces. I’m very much into a minimal aesthetic crossed with Mediterranean paired back style.  My ideal home would be a Majorcan finca, with white walls and polished concrete floors. I’ll get there one day!

My all-time favourite buy…
Linen bedding.  It is such a pleasure to sleep in real linen sheets.  Especially if they have been line dried, that smell!

My bedroom style in 3 words…
Calm, simple, haven

My must-have for the best night’s sleep is…
Drink a glass of water before bed.  Ear plugs, as my husband snores! And if I’m having a bit of insomnia, lavender pillow spray.

If I could sleep anywhere it would be
Soho Farmhouse.. that bed was incredible!

Thanks Lou! Can we join you in your Majorcan finca?! Sounds luxurious.

Littlegreenshed is an absolute delight from start to finish. Wherever you land across this blog you will be greeted by stunning imagery, enticing content and style inspirations. Lou’s blog focuses on simple living influenced by outside spaces and adventurous travels. Her writing follows a relaxed, inviting style which allows readers to replicate and follow ideas with ease. Littlegreenshed has a lovely natural feel to it, a sense of bringing the outside in. Lou explores the wonders of the world – blogging about exciting new spaces and classic luxury destinations.

In addition to running Littlegreenshed, Lou also founded the Sisterhood Camp. A group set up to connect, recharge and empower women through creative retreats. This wonderful community helps women to share stories, inspire each other and make lifelong friends.

Lou has kindly answered some questions to give you a better idea of her Sisterhood Camp, seasonal living and sleep habits…

What was the inspiration behind starting the Sisterhood camp?
Sisterhood Camp came out of the need for connection. I wanted to connect with like-minded women and feel inspired and cheer each other on.  Having it in nature and surrounded by beautiful countryside brings a sense of calm and meditation to an event.

How do you consciously bring nature into the home?
I’m always picking things up on walks. I’ve even bought home seed heads and shells from holidays abroad, there is no stopping me!  I love how a simple grass head in a vase can just add a little juzz to a shelf.

How important is a touch of nature in the bedroom for a good night’s sleep?
I have a large fig in my bedroom, which makes me feel like I’m connected to nature.  I’m not sure if it helps me sleep, but I love him there.

How many hours do you need to feel refreshed?
I’m useless if I don’t get at least 8 hours.  

Working in a tech-based environment (instagram & your blog) how do you switch off from technology at the end of the day?
It’s hard!  But recently I’m going out for a walk for a few hours after supper, and back before Love Island!

What are your go-to tricks for creating a calm and happy home?
Nothing is to precious. I have two tweenage boys who roll around my house causing havoc, so I can’t be to precious about how everything looks.  I mainly focus on keeping my bedroom a calm space that I can escape to. And if the boys leave their warhammer on the table for the day…. then that is fine too.


Congratulations once again to Lou for winning out Blog of month and thank you for gracing us with such a wonderful platform.

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