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We understand that whether you’re flying the nest, or waving your children off to university, you will want the transition to be as simple and smooth as possible. Despite being an exciting new adventure for both parties, it normally brings with it an endless shopping list.

To ensure their current bedroom (or the new temporary spare bedroom) is not left bare-boned, it’s often best to start off with a set of new University bedding. But where do you start? Buying bedding can be an expensive, time-consuming task, especially when starting from scratch. So, we’ve come up with a handy bedding checklist.

By following this checklist you can sleep easy knowing you or your children are being sent off with the ultimate home comforts.

  • Protectors

It’s important to use bedding protection on a University bed for many reasons. Firstly, it’s likely that other students will have previously slept on the same mattress so a protector is a hygienic solution. Secondly, protecting your mattress from accidental spillages is a great way to keep your accommodation deposit! Lastly, it’s likely that student washes will take place few and far between so protectors help to keep the bedding fresher for longer!

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  • Pillows

Supporting a busy brain in the right way is the key to better sleep. You may not get to choose your mattress, so make sure your pillows are supporting your body correctly. Pillows can also help to create a cosy, work environment – with our square and superking being ideal for propping you up for bedtime studying.

Visit our buying guides to help you choose which pillow is perfect for you.

  • Duvets

Here at Soak&Sleep we offer a variety of duvet togs, fills and sizes. Moving into University accommodation may mean a change in bed size, so it’s important to adapt the duvet accordingly. Remember that your body and room temperature can have a huge impact on our sleep, so to keep heating bills at bay, increase the tog and duvet size. An all seasons duvet is a great option for being cosy all year round.

Shop our duvets here, or find out more information on our duvet buying guide. 

  • Bed Linen

Bed Linen is a great way to highlight individual styles, as it’s often the case that student hall rooms will look almost identical. Our 400 thread count range is a students dream, it’s easy to launder and looks beautiful on the bed. Using our bedspread and blanket ranges, you can add a pop of colour and texture to the bed. They’re also great for snuggling up in whilst studying (or netflix procrastinating)!

View our new Bed Linen buying guide for more information and tips.

  • Toppers

Most University accommodations will come with all the basic home furnishings and a mattress will often be included in this. If struggling to sleep with the one provided, and buying a new mattress is way out of budget, a topper is a great way to add comfort or support. For squishy comfort, our hollowfibre and microfibre options are great. Use our memory foam for more support.


Here at Soak&Sleep we are passionate about providing the highest quality bedding without the large price tag. So why not shop our bedding bundles and receive all your essentials at the click of a button.

Here’s a few bundle options…

If you’re on a smaller budget our Essential bedding bundle is a great option, bringing a cosy bed at a great price. This bundle includes high-quality products which won’t break the bank, great for students with a small budget wanting to create a cosy University bedroom space.

Includes: 9 Tog Duck Feather and Down Duvet / Soft/Medium Standard Duck feather and Down Pillow Pair / New Cotton Mattress Protector.

If you want to send your children off to University with those special home comforts, our Classic Feather and down bedding bundle can do exactly that. This bedding bundle can help check off the bedding list at the click of a button. You can ensure they will feel right at home without the large price tag!

Includes: 9 Tog Hollowfibre Duvet / Standard Hollowfibre Pillow Pair / Soft Touch Mattress Protector.


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