Why buy Soak&Sleep’s Egyptian Cotton bedding and towels?

Egyptian cotton bedding and towels are a true classic when it comes to choosing luxury and investing in high quality, durable products for your home. Here at Soak&Sleep, we sell a wide range of Egyptian cotton products, from heavenly, soft bed linen to irresistible, snuggly towels. This blog will take you on a journey from the careful hand picking plant process in Egypt, past the impressive production lines in India and Turkey, all the way to our luxury Soak&Sleep products sold here in the UK.

There is a wide variety of cotton sold in the bedding industry, so when you are choosing your products it’s important to differentiate those made from regular cotton to those made from Egyptian cotton.

There are also other factors to consider because not all Egyptian cotton is treated the same during production. This all starts with the yarn and cloth finishing. All of our Egyptian cotton bed linen is made from yarns that are spun using high-speed compact spinning technology. This ensures the fibres of the cotton are perfectly aligned before spinning (better than combed yarns), as opposed to an “open end” yarn in which the fibres are not aligned before spinning which therefore results in a rougher Egyptian cotton yarn.

So let’s get back to basics, Egyptian cotton is grown only in Egypt, the name totally gives it away! Egypt has a unique climate and therefore perfect conditions to grow and produce this fine cotton and is home to the River Nile which keeps its banks and surrounding farmland lush and in perfect condition for growing Egyptian cotton. Unlike other cotton plants, Egyptian plants produce longer, finer, softer and more durable “staples” (staples are the cotton fibres that make up the fluffy cotton balls known as “bolls” which grow on the plant).

Once grown, the raw Cotton bolls are safely shipped to India (where we make our bed linen), and Turkey (where we make our towels), where our suppliers work their magic to create the most incredible luxury ranges exclusive to Soak&Sleep. The Egyptian climate creates the highest quality, long staples, which when spun and woven into cloth or loomed into a towel fabric, makes the strongest most durable cotton.

When transforming Egyptian cotton from plant to bed linen, the cloth produced feels gloriously soft as the long staples minimise surface fuzz. The fine Egyptian cotton staples allow the cloth to be woven in high thread counts which results in sumptuous cloth with a beautiful drape.

Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen:

Our Egyptian cotton ranges come in an array of thread counts from 200 – 600. All woven fabric is made up of vertical threads (warp threads) and horizontal threads (weft threads). It is the number of these threads woven into a square inch of fabric that determines its thread count.  

It can be argued that ply yarns (two or more threads twisted together ) are used in fabrics to “bulk out” and increase the thread count which can sometimes compromise the quality, however, when used correctly, ply-yarns create a stronger, smoother fabric. At Soak&Sleep when we only use ply-yarns which are made of the finest threads to ensure our cotton is a smooth, supple luxurious fabric.

Our 600 and 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen sheets have a beautifully soft texture with a lovely sheen to them. There is something very magical about sleeping on high thread count sheets, so if your budget allows, it’s worth the investment. However, 200 thread count ranges, which have a percale weave, are cool and crisp and still a dream to sleep with, and even better – a dream to wash and iron. So depending on your sleep preferences, our Egyptian cotton range offers a variety of hand feels.

Check out our bed linen buying guide for more information about thread counts.

Egyptian cotton bedding has naturally breathable attributes. The cotton fibres wick away moisture from your body, otherwise known as “capillary action”. Once the moisture is taken away from your body and into the fibres, it’s stored in the interior cell walls and will eventually dry out or evaporate over time.  A process which helps to keep you cool during the night as you sleep.

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Egyptian Cotton Towels:

Come out of a steamy hot shower or bath and step into luxury with our Egyptian Cotton towel range. Made from durable and soft long cotton staples, our towels are perfect for busy households and hotels. We make our  towels with twisted and looped yarns that create stronger, more absorbent and longer lasting towels that are also more resistant to pulls. These elements help dry your body quicker, limit the worry of damage when wearing jewellery and give you confidence in the quality you’re investing in.

What’s more, we double stitch the side hems of our towels for added strength and durability.

Our towel department is stocked with a variety of colours, sizes, and includes bath, shower and pedestal mats, so you’ll be pleased to know we have a solution for every need.

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We develop all our Egyptian Cotton ranges to the highest quality to ensure our customers are happy. From production to product, we always offer the very best, for a price you can’t refuse. So now you know everything there is to know about Egyptian Cotton, you can sleep easy knowing you’re buying the perfect product for you.

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