Decadent Decaff Coffee | Soak&Sleep – Competition

This competition can give TWO lucky winners the warmest start to Autumn.

We’ve teamed up with Decadent Decaf Coffee to give two people the chance to win a cosy Soak&Sleep Chunky Diamond Cotton Throw in grey and 6 packets of Swiss Water Decaf Coffees.


the wonderful prizes…

Decadent Decaf Coffee are the first Swiss Water Decaf coffee company in Europe. The company was founded by coffee lovers who saw a gap in the market for great tasting decaffeinated coffee.

Many coffee lovers have been unsatisfied with decaf alternatives as the original decaffeination processes used chemical solvents which resulted in a weak, insipid or bitter coffee. However, as time has moved forward, so has the decaf processes and the taste!

This company use the Swiss Water process to gently remove the caffeine yet leave the wonderful coffee flavours in the bean, creating the tastiest decaf coffee.  Head to their website to find out more about the Swiss Water technique.


We spoke with Laura Smith at Decadent Decaf Coffee to hear all about her sleep habits…

Early riser or night owl?
I used to be a night owl but after having my baby (now 10 months old) I have involuntarily become a early riser…
My morning ‘wake up’ essentials are
Coffee and a shower
My must-have for the best night’s sleep is…
A hot bath, my curem relax pillow and a very dark room.
If I could sleep anywhere it would be…
At home. I love to travel, but my best nights sleep is always at home.

We can’t help but be jealous of the lucky winners, who soon will be cosied up with a warm cup in hand. Decaf coffee is a great alternative to caffeine for pregnant women, those who find it hard to sleep at night or feel anxious and stressed. Find out more here!

We asked Laura Smith some extra questions to hear more about all things decaf…

What was the inspiration behind starting Decadent Decaf Coffee?
Decadent Decaf was founded by a team of really knowledgeable coffee lovers. Our background is coffee sourcing, importing and roasting. Then when we started looking for great tasting decafs and it’s something that’s really lacking. It appears to be very much of an afterthought for most coffee companies. So we decided to launch our own decaf coffee company and make sure we would only source the best tasting coffees available and create a brand we could truly be proud of.
Which is your favorite flavour, and why?
Although I am keen on a lot of coffees I would say my favourite is our Ethiopian Sidamo, it’s got nice floral notes to it and a medium body, which sits just perfect with me.
Why is decaf coffee beneficial to our sleep?
Caffeine makes us feel more alert by blocking sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain and increasing adrenaline production, hence it can really mess with our natural sleep patterns. The beauty of Swiss water decaffeination is that it’s 99.9% caffeine free, hence it allows you to have a cup of delicious coffee in the afternoon or evening without affecting your ability to go to sleep. Perfect for dinner parties!
What’s next for the brand?
After focusing on consumers at home, we’re now looking at supplying more cafes as decaf is generally still appalling in the cafe sector sadly.


Simply follow this link and answer the question. Competition ends 24/10/2018 at Midnight. 

T&C’S apply.

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