Our top tips: how to wash your bedding

There is nothing better than sinking into clean sheets at night. The fresh aromas and crisp feel that greets you at nighttime is unbeatable, the ultimate “ahh” feeling.

It’s all well and good boasting about the wonderful event but we will be the first to admit that sometimes the laundry day doesn’t quite go to plan. So, how do we get the very best results when washing our bed sheets?

We’ve created a quick guide that you can follow when it comes to wash day, so you can be confident when washing your bed sheets and towels.

Bedding Wash Care Guide:

What detergent should I use when washing bed linen?

Always use the best detergent for the specific item you are washing: for coloured fabrics, it is best to use gels or detergents formulated for colours and for pure whites, stick to powders. It’s important to avoid optical brighteners as these can wash the colour out or cause bleach stains on the fabric.

How often should I wash my bed sheets?

For best results, we recommend changing your bedding once per week. We understand it’s not always convenient to wash your bedding this frequently so having spare bedding is extremely helpful. Simply swap the sets once a week and add them to the wash load when most suitable for you.

What temperature should I wash my bedding on?

Avoid excessively high temperatures when washing your bed linen to prevent shrinkage or any other fabric shape distortion. Some fabrics, such as silk will need to be washed on a gentle cycle. All of our bed linen ranges come with wash care labels – follow these for specific temperatures.

How should I dry my bed linen?

We often get asked “can I tumble dry my bed sheets” and the answer is usually, yes. Most bed linen fabrics can be tumbled dried as long as it’s not set on an extremely high heat. Line drying your bedding is a great alternative and better for the environment when washing regularly.

Should I iron my bedding?

If you’re after a slick, soft appearance, ironing your bedding is the best way to achieve it. French Linen sheets look effortlessly chic when left unironed, but can be ironed for a more luxury appearance. For best results, leave your bed sheets slightly damp before ironing. For Silk sheets, ensure they are bone dry before using the silk setting on your iron.

We would always recommend reading the washing instructions on the labels attached to your bedding and for any specific questions please contact our helpful customer service team via our online chat or calling 01483 437762.

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