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We don’t all have the luxury of walk-in wardrobes, spare bedrooms or bespoke storage designs. So if you’re finding it a little tricky to find storage solutions in your bedroom, we think this blog will come in handy.

Here are 3 bedroom storage tips to help you get the most out of your bedroom…


1: The bed | The bigger the better!

We always advise to invest the biggest bed available for your bedroom size to ensure you have the space for the very best night’s sleep and the same advice applies for storage. The bigger the bed, the more storage you have underneath. Storing items under the bed is a great way use of space, which would otherwise be empty. If you don’t fancy these items being on show, why not buy a valance to hide it away.

2: The Boxes | Out of sight, out of mind!









When we think of ‘storage boxes’ a large perspex block springs to mind, right? But storage boxes don’t have to be an eyesore! There are plenty of options out there that can suit your personal bedroom style such as contemporary or antique trunks, blanket boxes or storage box sets, all of which you can fill with items and close the lid….no one will ever know!


3: The Walls | Not just for art!

It’s known that small bedrooms should be kept as light and airy as possible when wanting to create the illusion of a bigger space, however, if you’re short on space then using the walls for storage is a great option. Placing shelves on the walls gives space for bedroom accessories you’re happy to have on show e.g. frames, jewellery, candles and other small ornaments.


Soak&Sleep storage solutions:

Here at Soak&Sleep we work hard to ensure our customers can buy products which elevate any room style, type or size. Which is why we’ve bought in ranges to help you store your possessions without having to a) break the bank and b) break your style.

Our Standing Mirror & Hanger:

Not only does this mirror help to make a small space feel larger by bouncing light around the room, but our model is also a great storage solution. Built with a handy hanging rail on the back, this mirror can be used to store scarves, bags and belts.  

Our Bedside tables:
If space is tight, our Clerkenwell and Cranbrook luxury bedside tables have space for storage in addition to the drawers. This is the perfect place for bedtime essentials such as books, eye-masks, pillow sprays etc. This leaves the draw space for anything you’d prefer to be tucked away out-of-sight.

Our Hanging Lights / Task Lamps

Lighting collection


Some bedrooms leave little space for bedside tables, or those that do have them may be taken up by other nighttime necessities. A lovely option is to use our hanging lights to remove the use for a bedside light. This solution can add style to the bedroom as well as storage space. If your electrics restrict that, our Task Lamps are perfectly  compact to leave you plenty of space for your cocoa and Kindle. The space between the foot and stand is ideal for storing books and other knick-knacks.

Our Little Soak&Sleep storage Baskets

It’s happened to all of us….stepping into our kids bedrooms directly onto a small, sharp object. Why not prevent this by investing in our range of Kid’s storage baskets. From fun rocket shapes to lovely quilted designs, you can simply sweep up the toys at the end of playtime and keep them away from your precious toes.

Why not shop our luxury bedroom furniture?

We hope this blog has helped spark some ideas for your storage solutions for small bedrooms.

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