Get Ready For… Guests | A checklist for your Home at Christmas

Christmas is a magical, joyful time of year where families can spend quality time together – gifts are exchanged, the music is merry and the tasty festive treats are endless (calories don’t count at Christmas, right?). Yet we understand that sometimes the Christmas prep to get to these magical moments can seem a bit of a drag. From the tree decorating to the food shopping and gift buying, it’s hard to think about the spare bedding you have waiting for your guests to use…

Although it may seem a little early to think about Christmas, the festive period will creep up on us and the in laws will be turning up (early of course) in the blink of an eye! So, to ensure your home is prepped and ready for visitors, we’ve created a little checklist so your guests can enjoy their festive stay.

Soak&Sleep’s Christmas Checklist:

1: Spare sheets

  • It’s confirmed – you can never have too many sets of spare bedding. Its essential you have enough to rotate around the house, especially when you have guests. A great tip for time saving is to buy an extra set to avoid having to strip, wash and re-make the bed with the same set, making laundry day a little easier this Christmas.


2: Plump pillows

  • We all have individual sleep preferences, so for the guests who might be outstaying their welcome, it’s a great idea to have some back up pillows to tailor the bed to their personal needs. If the in-laws are getting a great sleep – it will benefit the whole family, that’s for sure!


3: Life saving Protectors

  • Weather you’re hosting for little sleepers, messy teens or drunk uncles. Protecting your bedding investments is key. Using protectors mean you can simply strip the bed and wash whatever may have worked its way in without it damaging your bedding.


4: Refreshing toppers:

  • Although we would always recommend investing in the very best mattress, if money is a little tight at Christmas and your spare bed is looking a little old, why not spruce it up with a topper. An extra layer of comfort for your guests.


5: Thermal Throws:

  • We all know Christmas feels more festive when it’s chilly out but it’s important to remember your guest may not be a fan of the cold weather. Ensure you’ve stocked up on throws for the bedrooms, and lounge so the grandparents can wrap up warm in the evenings.

Use this bedding checklist to ensure your guests have the most magical stay this Christmas.

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